Our Approaches

Christian Aid and its partners on V2P have significant expertise in demand-side governance approaches, gender- sensitive programming, civic engagement in elections, and power analysis

Between 2008 and 2013, Christian Aid and JDPC Onitsha worked together on Power to the People (PDF), a demand-side governance programme in four LGAs in Anambra, funded by the UK Government’s Governance and Transparency Fund (GTF). V2P built on these experiences and approaches, broadening the geographical reach and deepening the impact. This approach to implementation has also been taken with the extension of the V2P project as it builds on the experiences of the first phase of the programme while broadening its reach.

V2P continues to have a strong gender focus, a wide range of activities and clearly defined targets in addressing the poverty that persists in Nigeria due to poor governance and ineffective service delivery. The V2P extension takes on the Problem Driven Identification Approach (PDIA) to supporting communities to address priority issues specific to their local contexts.

V2P is showing that working in-depth in a selection of communities and LGAs can bring about changes in social norms and behaviour, state-citizen relationships, government accountability, and contribute to improved service delivery.

Our core approaches are the use of community developed charters of demands, the PDIA, power and gender analysis and Community Based Monitors (CBMs).